Specials and Discounts For Junk Rubbish Debris Removal

We offer special prices and coupons for junk removal to families, seniors, disabled military, and more who need junk and rubbish removal.

Large Jobs

We also offer special junk removal discounts for large jobs. We specialize in large junk and rubbish  removal jobs, equipped with the largest junk removal trucks in the NYC and NJ area. We can haul 4, 8, 12 loads in one trip using 1, 2, or 3 trucks. The competition you see on TV would need 12 trucks or many trips to do the same thing, and you end up paying for their smaller trucks.

  • 10% off 2 or more loads… usually for estate clearance services and hoarding cases

Special Discounts

  • 10% discounts for disabled persons and senior citizens
  • 10% off for commercial and office furniture and junk removal
  • If your birthday is within one month receive 10% discount.
  • If your child was born this year you get 10% off
  • Veteran or active military get 10% off
  • Tweet or Facebook us to your followers for 1 week and get 5% rebate

Single Items

All single items are $175, whether it is a box spring, a large couch, and appliance, etc…



Pricing and Booking